About Terry Prince

The business name is Classic Motor Bikes. We specialise in restoration, manufacture of new parts, development, and manufacture of high performance components for Vincent motor cycles.

In 1950, Terry’s father took his 12-year-old son to watch the Brighton speed trails, where George Brown was riding his Vincent-powered special, NERO. It was a day that was to affect the rest of young Terry’s life. Four years later he bought his first Vincent, and the Londoner embarked on a life’s work of preparing and racing what was then the world’s fastest standard motorcycle.

SidecarWith a wealth of practical experience to his credit, Terry moved to Switzerland as an engineer for Fritz Egli, where he helped to create the Egli Vincents. The TPV VINCENT was inspired by those machines.

In the late 1970s, Terry moved to Australia, where he has since earned a living restoring, modifying and racing Vincents. Along the way he has become an internationally recognised expert on the marque. Like many enthusiasts, he experienced the frustration of dealing with totally worn-out and abused 40 year old motorcycles.

Terry with TPV bike and sidecar

It became his dream to create a successor in the spirit of the Vincent, using state-of-the-art materials, manufacturing methods and ancillaries. With the development of the TPV VINCENT, that dream has become reality. It is the result of 50 years of engine development, thirty years of chassis development, and an unmatched practical experience with road and competition machinery.