TPV monoshock frame

The revolutionary new Terry Prince Vincent mono shock frame for Vincent twins will be on display at the Zurich motor show, Swiss Moto, from 20th Feb to the 23rd Feb 2014

A result of years of planning and design work the new frame and rear swing arm builds on the original Phil Vincent design that is now standard in all modern motorcycles.

Milled from solid aircraft grade 6061 billet aluminium the oil-in-frame design preserves the Vincent concept but brings it into the 21st C. No welding is used and only the most modern CNC milling techniques allow this design to be realised. Importantly the frame can use most modern Japanese and European motorcycle wheels and forks, up to 180mm rear tyre and modern front steering yolks using upside down forks.

Once again TPV and Classic Motorbikes is at the forefront of the Vincent marque technology. With TPV top end conversion kits putting out over 95 bhp, an update to the Vincent frame was well overdue. The other approaches using twin shock rear swing arms were outdated decades ago and the original Vincent swing arm frame cannot cope with this sort of horsepower.

With final design in place and the first CNC milling run over, several bikes are on the build. A short production batch will be made in March this year. You can order through Classic Motor Bikes TPV or at the Swiss Moto show where Terry will be in attendance. Please phone or email Terry for prices.

I have been assisted with Technical drawing Stress calculations and computer programming by Fritz Egli Junior and SRT racing Switzerland.