I started racing at the age of 18 with his Vincent Rapide in some club races and sprint racing ¼ mile – what we now call Drag racing. Of course, I had to buy leathers, so off I went to Luis Leathers in Portland St, London. They cost me 18 pounds so I had to pay them off at 10 shilling a week  I only earnt 1 pound two shilling a week, and after giving 10 shilling of that to my Mum it was a bit hard. Later when I joined Fritz Egli in Switzerland I did try to race in hill climes but that was just too dangerous. I was much more at home with the race bike preparation. 

Coming to Australia and forming my company Classic Motor Bikes, I sponsored racing Vincent’s in sidecar and solo. Not until I was in my 60’s did I go back to racing, mainly to prove the modifications I was making to the Vincent. I was helping a friend with parts for his land speed race bike when I decided to have a go myself; first at Lake Gairdner in South Australia. My first run I had a new sidecar record, much to my surprise! I went on to better that record and then getting a world record in my class when I was 70 at Bonneville USA. I thought, “That is enough for me,” but it did not stop me racing. A very good friend, Dave MacLauchlan (Bones), now has the sidecar and solo vintage records. We are still racing with a new project hoping to take it to Bonneville this year (2019).

Brands Hatch racing
Racing at Brands Hatch in the UK.
Racing at Bathurst
Racing at Bathurst, NSW Australia, home of the famous Mt Panorama circuit.
Bonneville with ?
Bonneville slat bike
Bonneville slat bike
On the race track