Restoring Vincent Motorcycles

For many years the restoration side of Classic Motor Bikes has been the back bone of our business. We have restored every type of Vincent, from pre-war up to the last model made including race bikes and specials, and improved them with modern technology and materials. The restoration of the well known basket case can take up to a year complete to concourse condition. Not everyone wants their bike restored to this very high standard, instead, going for a Vincent that can be used every day without fear of getting it dirty. Then there is the collector and investor whose bikes may never see the light of day. Classic Motor Bikes can cater for the needs of all types of collectors.

Though much of Terrys time is now absorbed by the Top End Conversion and Spare Parts sides of the business, he still spares some time for selected restorations. Contact Terry with details of your requirements. If he can’t help you personally he may be able to suggest alternatives…